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How may we be of service?

Our firm is a true "full service" shop. Whether you are looking for seasoned civil litigation counsel, criminal defense, a personal injury lawyer or experienced and knowlegeable business and transactional practioners, we invite you to answer our question.  How may we be of service to you, your business or your company?  Tim Elliott is a founding partner in the law firm of Elliott, Riquelme & Wilson, L.L.P.  He prides himself on the provision of balanced, efficient, timely and creative legal services and solutions.

Tim is committed to providing personal attention to his clients and immediate assistance throughout the tenure of any matter entrusted to his care.  The hallmark of his service has been the unbaised analysis of liabillity and consequences in a collaberative client environment.  Truly, your goals are his goals. 

As a native of Bend, Oregon, Tim is intimately familiar with both the local and regional business, local real estate law and trends, and Central Oregon political climate.

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Am I DUII Diversion Eligible in Oregon?

The DUII Diversion program is often a real option for avoiding a conviction for DUII in the State of Oregon.  DUII Diversion eligibility requirements have changed over time.  You are likely eligible for diversion under the 2015 version of the law if you can meet the DUII Diversion eligibility requirements/criteria in the article.

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