Free Consultation for Personal Injury

Tim Elliott is a personal injury lawyer.  Tim offers a free initial consultation for all personal injury and wrongful death clients.  There is no obligation and the free consultation will also give you the opportunity to ask questions and determine if Tim Elliott is the right personal injury or wrongful death lawyer for you.  During the free consultation Tim Elliott or his supporting attorneys will provide, free of charge, a preliminary, unbiased analysis of your personal injury case or claim based on the information you provide or which is known to us at that time.  Only in this way can you determine if Tim Elliott is the right personal injury lawyer for you or your family.

In our free consultation you will also be informed of our contingency fee arrangements for personal injury and wrongful death cases.  And, you will be given a thorough explanation of how the claims process or legal procedure work, giving you an understanding of what to expect and how long the resolution of a personal inury or wrongful death claim may take.   While there are no fees charged for our legal services unless we recover, it is still imperative that you understand how and how much we will be compensated for our services when or in the event we recover on a personal injury or wrongful death claim or case.  This will allow you to not only compare our experience and services with other personal injury lawyers, but the real costs of such legal services to you.  We think you will find us more than competitive.

Medical Bills

As part of our services and during the pendency of a personal injury claim, Tim Elliott and his staff will help personal injury and wrongful death clients address medical bills related to a personal injury, and will coordinate and communicate with billing entities/departments, collectors, insurance companies or others.

Scheduling a Free Consultation:

To schedule a free consultation concerning a personal injury or wrongful death claim or case, and to discuss our competitive contingency fee rates, please contact Tim Elliott at (541) 647-1408.  Your free consultation can be in-office or by phone, or at any other location, including your home, a hospital or other care facility.